Celebrity Sex Tapes & Scandals
Radcliffe Bares All For Equus
Daniel Radcliffe, a.k.a Harry Potter, has stepped into the world of Broadway plays...and he's not shy about it. In this revival of the 1973 play Equus, he strips completely and prances on stage letting his cock and balls bounce around in front of the entire audience.. more
Bam Margera - 'Jackass' Star Gets Down and Dirty!
Bam Margera became famous as one of the crazy group of daredevils who performed crazy stunts and gags on the hit MTV show Jackass. Already a successful professional skateboarder, his natural ability to inflict pain upon himself made him someone you had to watch, even if it was just to cringe. more

Kieran O'Brien & Margot Stilley in Explicit Hardcore Sex Scene!
American mainstream actress Margot Stilley, stars as Lisa in the controversial UK film '9 Songs' by Michael Winterbottom, described as "the most sexually explicit mainstream movie ever made". The film's sex scenes are shown in explicit detail and include close ups of oral sex, masturbation and hardcore sex including an explicit cumshot. Margot really knows how to work a cock with her mouth, in a performance that would make some pornstars jealous! And we have the hi res videos ready for you to watch!
Peter Wentz - A Real "Fall Out Boy"
There is a a little scandal surrounding one of the members of Fall Out Boy, Pete "Petey" Wentz, because his cell phone pictures of him playing with himself ended up all over the Internet. more

Clay Aiken Insists He's Not Gay!
Clay Aiken has spoken out about reports he's gay, insisting people now refuse to believe he is heterosexual. He has maintained his silence during recent tabloid attacks on his sexuality, but, as he launches his new album, he's eagar... more

Ben Affleck Masturbation Video!
An extremely graphic masturbation video has been seen all over the net and cast as the "Ben Affleck Masturbation Video". Is it really Ben? No way! Our contacts in the industry confirm it's a look-a-like with one hell of a tool he seems to love playing with and definitely doesn't mind everyone watching. more

George Michael, Back in the Park Again!
George Michael insists lover Kenny Goss doesn't mind him having gay sex with strangers.
Michael, who was caught engaged in sex acts with a jobless van driver on London's Hampstead Heath insists Goss accepts his promiscuous behavior. Michael also refused to apologize for his actions during a phone interview. more

Fred Durst Sex Tape – He did it all for the nookie
Fred Durst was at the top of the charts in the late 1990's and was creating a huge buzz in the media. Soon after he released a new album his popularity began to drop and so did his album sales. He needed something to bring him back….and what better way then to leak your own hardcore sex tape. The raunchy tape shows Durst in a variety of nude sexual positions with his then girlfriend
Provincetown Sightings Ignite Gay Rumors!
Former 'N Sync singer Lance Bass has sparked speculation he is gay and dating ‘Amazing Race’ reality TV star Reichen Lehmkuhl after the pair were spotted partying at gay bars together.
The New York Post newspaper reported that Bass and Lehmkuhl, who won the 2003 prize in the 'Amazing Race' with his former lover Chip Arndt, were together at a gay bar in Provincetown, Massachusets. more
Colin Farrell Sues Over Sex Tape
If you're not aware that Colin Farrell & Nicole Narain video taped some of their intimate sexual activities, you need to get out of your cave more. After meeting at a party and dating only about 2 weeks the pair broke out the video camera and had quite a bit... more

Bad OJ Caught in Hotel with Hooker and Girlfriend!
Once a legend for his football prowess now he's a legend as the guy who got away with murder! Always in some sort of scandalous situation, this time he got caught by hidden cams in a hotel room having sex with his girlfriend and a hooker. OJ at it again!